follow by 后面有

follow by 后面有,继之以
Cocktails will be served promptly at six to be followed by dinner at eight.
A middle- aged woman come over,follow by a group of children.
followed by 是表示被动或者用于过去式的.表示后面有,后面是.
The overthrow of the regime was followed by a period of anarchy.
那政权被推翻以後,有一段时期是无政府状态.We had fish for the first course,followed by roast fowl and fresh vegetables.
我们吃的第一道菜是鱼,接著上的菜是烤禽肉和新鲜蔬菜.The weather forecast is followed by the pips at 6 o'clock.
天气预报之后即为6点钟报时信号.The fall of the fascist dictatorship was followed by a left-wing backlash.
法西斯专政的垮台引起左翼运动的高涨.The pop star was followed by a train of admirers.
那位流行歌曲歌星周围蜂拥著许多歌迷.She has bouts of hard work followed by long periods of inactivity.
她总是努力干上一阵,然后一呆就是很长时间.His words were followed by a pregnant pause.

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