life 诗

life can be good ,life can be bad.
life is mostly cheerful,快乐的
but sometimes sad.

life can be dream,life can be great thoughts.(伟大的思想,thought 思想)
life is mostly cheerful,
but sometimes sad.

life can be dirty,life can be even painful.(痛苦的,pain 痛苦)
but life is what you make it, so try to make it beautiful.

have 的用法

have has 有,吃,喝,跳,,,

have a break, ave a swim, ave a cup of tea
I haven’t a book. (she, hasn’t)
I don’t have a book.
Have you a book? (she, has)
Do you have a book?


1.整点 it’s eight o’clock.

2.几点过几分,分 past 点   it’s ten past eight.  it’s eight ten. 8:10.

3.半点, it’s half past eight. 8:30

4.半点之后的,it’s ten to eight ,7:50. it’s twenty-nine to twelve.11:31.

5.一刻钟,  a quarter, it’s a quarter past seven,7:15
   it’s a quarter to three, 2:45.

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